Welcome to the nightmare.

You find yourself in a North American town in the ‘80s—NYX, the ancient goddess of night, has captured yet another mortal soul to play her torturous mind games.

This time is different though. This time it’s a soul she should have stayed away from—a young girl who can fight back!

Vicky refuses to obey the rules of this twisted version of her life and rises against this wicked regime of terror, ready to face all traps and challenges devised by NYX to make the girl an eternal prisoner of the darkness.

Help Vicky to stand against nightmarish enemies, overcome dangerous traps and discover the truth about her life, hidden behind this shady facade.

NYX: The Awakening is a blast of 80’s retro nostalgia—immerse yourself in the music, the world and discover all the tributes to pop-culture classics of that neon decade!

Dynamic action, radiant neon visuals, nostalgic vibes and a deep mystery—all these elements make it a game experience to remember!


  • Unique arcade gameplay based on a well-crafted color swapping mechanic
  • Epic combat action against various distinct types of enemies
  • Challenging platform and environmental puzzles
  • Neo-retro neon visuals and audio, resembling a contemporary take on 80’s synthwave classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy media
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